Wifi-Site Survey and Optimised Implementation

Welcome to Thomas & Barry Technologies GmbH

At Thomas & Barry Technologies GmbH, we understand that reliable and efficient WiFi connectivity is the backbone of modern business. As a premier WiFi-Solution and Field Service provider, we specialize in offering bespoke WiFi solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of each business. Leveraging the cutting-edge technology of Ekahau and Ekahau AI Pro, we ensure your business benefits from optimal wireless network performance.

Our Approach

Our expertise with Ekahau Sidekick 2 allows us to conduct thorough site surveys, crucial for designing and implementing a wireless network that meets your specific needs. The Ekahau Sidekick 2 is not just a tool; it’s our partner in delivering unparalleled WiFi solutions. With its advanced spectrum analysis capabilities, we can identify and mitigate interference issues, ensuring your network operates at peak efficiency.

Ekahau AI Pro in Action

Through the use of Ekahau AI Pro, we take WiFi network planning and troubleshooting to the next level. This AI-driven platform enables us to simulate and predict network performance in various scenarios, ensuring your setup is not just effective today but scalable for the future. Our approach includes:
  • Detailed Site Surveys: Utilizing the Ekahau Sidekick 2, we map out your physical space to understand the unique challenges it presents. 
  • Custom Network Design: Based on survey data, we design a network that covers all your spaces efficiently, without any dead zones. 
  • Performance Optimization: We continuously analyze and adjust your network, ensuring it adapts to changing business needs and device landscapes.  

Harness the Power of AI

with Ekahau AI Pro for Wi-Fi Planning and Optimization

Welcome to the future of Wi-Fi network design – Ekahau AI Pro. Our state-of-the-art solution transforms how businesses approach wireless network planning, allowing for precise predictive surveys and optimized network performance tailored to your unique space.

Predictive Wi-Fi Surveys

Plan with confidence using Ekahau AI Pro’s predictive survey capabilities. Input your building’s floor plan and watch as the AI engine analyzes the layout, considering wall materials and room specifications, to forecast Wi-Fi coverage. This powerful simulation identifies potential coverage holes, signal overlaps, and optimal access point placements, ensuring comprehensive coverage even before any physical deployment begins.

Intelligent Optimization

Beyond predictive analysis, Ekahau AI Pro takes Wi-Fi optimization to the next level. By inputting specific wall and room types, the AI adjusts its calculations for material attenuation and environmental factors. This leads to an intelligently optimized network that considers the unique characteristics of your environment, such as concrete walls or glass partitions, delivering unparalleled Wi-Fi performance and reliability.

Features at a Glance

AI-Driven Predictive Surveys:

Virtual simulations for accurate coverage mapping.

Environmental Optimization

Tailor-made solutions considering specific wall and room types.

Seamless Integration

Works with any floor plan to model and optimize your Wi-Fi network.

Data-Backed Decisions

Empirical data guides the design, eliminating guesswork.

Optimize Your Space with Ekahau AI Pro’s Cutting-Edge Simulation

Maximizing Wi-Fi efficiency has never been easier with Ekahau AI Pro’s intelligent floor plan optimization. Our advanced simulation tool is designed to identify the best positions for your Access Points (APs), ensuring flawless wireless connectivity throughout your space.

Visualize Your Network's Potential

With Ekahau AI Pro, you get a vivid simulation of your venue’s floor plan, color-coded for clarity. This allows you to see at a glance where Wi-Fi signal strength is robust and where it might need a boost. Leveraging AI-driven algorithms, the simulation suggests the most effective locations for your APs, visualized on your floor plan, to provide comprehensive coverage.

AI-Driven AP Placement

Our AI technology doesn’t just guess where to put APs—it analyzes countless data points regarding building materials, room layouts, and expected usage patterns. The result is an optimal configuration that takes the guesswork out of network planning. Each AP’s placement is calculated to deliver the strongest signal where you need it most, ensuring your network is robust, responsive, and reliable.

Data-Backed Decisions

The simulation provides key metrics such as the expected network health for different frequencies, the number of iterations the AI went through to reach the optimal solution, and the exact number of APs recommended. By adhering to Ekahau Best Practices, we ensure that your network meets industry standards for signal strength, giving you peace of mind and your users a seamless online experience.

Seamless User Experience

Enjoy a Wi-Fi network that doesn’t just work—it excels. Users across your space will experience uninterrupted connectivity, whether they’re in a conference room, on the dance floor, or at the photo booth. Say goodbye to dead zones and dropped connections. With Ekahau AI Pro, your Wi-Fi will be as flexible and dynamic as the environment it serves.
Ekahau AI Pro is more than a tool—it’s a transformative solution for any business looking to provide superior Wi-Fi coverage. With our simulation, you can plan, predict, and perfect your wireless network to meet today’s high standards for connectivity.
Elevate your network planning with Ekahau AI Pro. Trust in the power of AI to place your APs in the ideal positions for unparalleled wireless performance.

Success Stories

From sprawling office complexes to bustling retail spaces, we’ve engineered WiFi solutions that drive business success. Here are a few examples:

Retail Revolution

Enhanced customer and POS connectivity for a leading retail chain, resulting in smoother transactions and improved customer satisfaction.

Industrial Innovation

Implemented a robust WiFi network in a manufacturing plant, enabling real-time data collection and significantly reducing downtime.

Hospitality Hub

Upgraded a hotel's WiFi system, providing guests with seamless connectivity and elevating the guest experience.